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Rule changes for credit use of ICMS

The state government has adopted a new rule to benefit businesses that use the system for simplified calculation of accumulated ICMS credits. 
According to Decree No. 60,568 of June 24 (published in the "Official State Gazette" of the 25th), companies spend to generate credit accumulated over 10 000 Ufesp per month (£ 201 400 per month for 2014) may continue to use this system to calculate the credit. 
The decree revoked item 1 of § 8 of Article 30 of the Transitional Provisions of the ICMS Regulation / SP, which prevented this continuity. 
The measure benefits companies that have not yet completed the process of implementation of internal controls and systems to adopt the system of funding of accumulated credit of ICMS. 
With the decree, the São Paulo taxpayer uses the simplified calculation of systematic and generate, in any month, credit accumulated over 10 000 Ufesp can do the calculation, up to the limit of 10 000 Ufesp, the simplified systematic, as stipulated in Article 30 Transitory Provisions of the Rules of the ICMS. 
The amount in excess of 10 000 Ufesp be calculated by systematic costing (before publication of the decree, the calculation should be made entirely by systematic costing). 
To request the surplus accumulated credit generated in the month, the taxpayer must calculate the difference through systematic costing and costing generation digital file, which allows the calculation by the actual cost of the company, according to Article 1 of CAT Ordinance No. 120/2013. 
With the new rule, taxpayers can make progress in the process of adapting to systematic costing and, while appropriating the accrued credit up to the limit of 10 000 Ufesp per month.